Monday, April 26, 2010

Psychizophrenic Weather

The weather in Albuquerque is completely psycho. Case in point:

I ask you, what business does weather have of fluctuating FORTY degrees?? It's criminal and just a bit perplexing! It was THIRTY-TWO DEGREES one morning! That is literally freezing, which I am not at all used to.

So bizarre.

I went to my first bar in Albuquerque on Thursday night, One Up Elevated Lounge. It's about two blocks from work, very close, and probably a good introduction to nightlife in this city for me. Why? Because it was pretty similar to a lot of LA bars- people acting like they're hip, girls dressed to the nines (which is to say that they weren't wearing much), and bartenders that pretend they know everything (when in fact ... they don't know much).

It was actually a work function- a little party, for a few different reasons. I was a bit nervous- after all, I just started working here on Monday. I have not gotten to know anybody except the one friend that I knew back when he lived in LA. I am not naturally a social creature- it's something that I force myself to do, and while I can do it, and people think I'm outgoing, I'm really not; it's all a biiiiig act.

So with all these fears and trepidations, inappropriately dressed for a bar because it was so cold yesterday, I walked into One Up. I keep forgetting how non-judgmental New Mexicans are when compared to Californians, because no one cared at all that I was in a bar wearing Chucks. The bartenders, though they had no idea what they were talking about, were nice and made pretty good drinks. I might be okay here, after all.

Yesterday, I spent FOUR HOURS making ragu. I think I'm exuding garlic and tomatoes from my pores today, but at least it was worth all that time. I'm on a strange cooking spree- I think crazy weather has me beating a hasty retreat indoors, to make cozy food (I made brownies, plus the ragu, which, of course, goes with pasta), clean the house, and watch movies ("Sherlock Holmes"- fun!).

I've been taking it slow here because the altitude's still getting to me. I've been sleeping more (at least seven hours) and slowing down earlier (around 9:00), which I think is actually better for me. I am much better at getting up earlier, since the sun seems to come up earlier and brighter and doesn't set until later. These are all good changes for someone as adverse to change as me.

I miss LA, of course, because I miss all the people there. I never realized how many people I interact with on a daily basis until they were all gone. Parking attendants at work, I even miss you!

As I adjust, I'm sure my old bad habits will come back with a vengeance. I hope that, at the very least, the insomnia doesn't come back. Sleeping is nice!

Regular posts with come once I get internet at my apartment, I'm sure. I got the TV hooked up but no internet yet. Still so much to do!