Friday, April 09, 2010

Fun with iPhone Camera

Okay, nerd alert- I bought a new app for my phone that I LOVE: the TiltShift Generator by Art & Mobile. I'm sharing my first attempts at manipulating photos taken on the (crappy) iPhone camera:

Original. Just a plain old picture, taken of the sign in front of the lu'au we attended in Maui.

New! I like desaturating photos and adding vignettes (darkened or lightened corners), and this app makes such things super easy.

Original. Shot at night. This was the view from the hotel room in Waikiki. I hate that this phone has no flash.

New! I was trying to make the photo look like it's a snapshot of a miniature; I need to fiddle with the controls more and use daytime pictures, but it's getting there. It's a vast improvement over the original, in any case!

I'm currently unable to sleep. I'll write about the reasons soon enough. I need to stop playing with TiltShift and go to bed already.

That is my nerd moment for today. Gooooood night!