Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vegas, Hawaiian-Style

I have to say, Maui was a bit quiet. We went hiking, explored tidepools, and saw a lot of nature.

I'm not the hugest fan of nature, though most of Hawaii's nature is quite lovely.

There was the time we had to cross a stream to get to this little bay... That's a story for another time, with accompanying photos (on my dslr).

We are out of the sleepy island of Maui now and on Oahu, in the Vegas of Hawaii, Waikiki. It's a bit like Vegas- lots of hotels, lots of shows, lots of drinking- but the huge difference? Hawaii closes early!

We enjoyed our first night by walking about four or five miles, though it felt like more.

There are penguins! In our hotel! They share their space with turtles and koi-

The koi are GIANT. There are even bigger ones, but they don't turn out well in photos because they're greenish blackish gray.

There are also macaws, flamingos, all kinds of ducks (including ducks that look EXACTLY like the ornate wooden ducks Koreans get when they're married), and tons of ponds, streams, and waterfalls. There's even a lagoon, complete with island. Crazy hotel village.

More later, off in hunt of some pineapple juice!