Monday, March 15, 2010

San Francisco, Part 2

Well, I have no excuses.

All I've got is time, but I haven't been blogging. It's somehow much easier to blog when I'm busy, when I'm always rushing around. Once I'm a sloth ... it's like I can't stop myself from just lazing about.

The good news is, I've finally watched a ton of the shows on my DVR and it is blissfully emptying out (though I still have more than 50 hours left).

The bad news is, I am so slothy that I can barely manage to force myself to check my e-mail every day- and if I didn't get my e-mail on my phone, I wouldn't even do that. Ugh.

I managed to hack my way through some more San Francisco photos, so here they are!

Still on the Bay Bridge, looking towards San Francisco. I love this city. It's got an energy that is so different than LA- not that one's better or worse, they're just different. And differences are good.
A view of the bridge that we had just traversed, from the city. I think we're about to turn onto the Embarcadero to get to our hotel. The sky, the water, the lighting- it was like San Francisco wanted me to be there.
 Fisherman's Wharf was half a block from our hotel, so we took a stroll at night to take a look. The pace in SF is not like the pace in LA. I don't even know how to describe the difference. There are definitely a lot more people on the streets in SF.
I love lights- perhaps this is why I love Vegas?? I'm a city girl, through and through, and nothing warms my heart like lots of bustle and a million miles of neon.
The sign! I forgot to take my flash with me, so all these nighttime photos have a weird quality to them- a flashless quality. I love this sign, even though I don't eat crabs (though I do eat krab).
Speaking of crabs- I think they're really interesting looking creatures, and I like to draw them, to take photos of them, and to look at them. I just don't like the taste of them. I can't help it. We were in the Fisherman's Wharf and I was trying to take surreptitious pictures with my giant camera.
Don't eat these, either. But they're so pretty! All curled up and pinkish and cute. I know I'm weird, and I think this extended vacation time's making me weirder. Wheeee!
The next morning. This is the building right across the street from the front door of our hotel. I like brick buildings, though they are completely terrifying in earthquakes. I kind of wanted to go to this restaurant, but we didn't have much time in the city and we had a lot of places to go.
Strange pod-like public bathroom. These were dotted all around the city. I hate public bathrooms, so I couldn't bring myself to go into one, even if just to check it out. What a place to put bathrooms, in the middle of the sidewalk!
Can't leave out the trolleys! They're really cute and fun, but rather uncomfortable and loud and bumpy in reality. I still think they're great- I think I've been on one every time I go to SF, even if it's just once, for a short amount of time.
It's another crab! This giant specimen was at the Boudin Bakery, where they sell all kinds of creatures made out of delicious sourdough. He had raisin eyes and was sitting with a bunch of other animals-
Lobsters (not as cute as the crab)-
And alligators (admittedly, very cute).

I love Boudin, their bread is incredible. The giant bakery stood a block away from our hotel, and every time you walk past the place, the smell of bread is magnetic. I consumed more bread in the couple days I was in SF than I did the entire month previous, while in LA. It's really that good- something about the old starter that they use and the air and water in SF.

That was our first day in SF, a short day, to be sure, since we had been in the car for over eight hours. We saw a lot more stuff the next day, I promise.

Now for more lazing about- I haven't met my quota today. Back to "House" I go...