Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I generally see engagement/wedding photos for Korean celebrities and yawn. Nothing spectacular is ever done- the usual white dress and tuxedo in the usual settings, like a park or a posh penthouse or a bridge (we love bridges).


Jung Tae-Woo (
정태우), bless his heart, is an actor marrying a non-celebrity named Jang In-Hee (장인희). I'm assuming Miss Jang is interested in fashion or photography, because their engagement/wedding pictures? Gorgeous.

Standard white dress and tuxedo in a completely unexpected environment. It's clean, pretty, and not overly precious. Her dress isn't overflowing with ruffles or crystals or ribbons, and I love her for choosing it:

A bit more stereotypical, what with a sunset and a bouquet. Still, it's not in a grandiose suite but in a shabby-chic apartment without much of a view. Gritty yet soft:

What I was really expecting is a photo like this, with the nature and the dress. I still like it, just not as much as the others. I do love the hat and the yellow Bug. Could have done without the bouquet and the parasol (why is HE always holding the flowers?).

This doesn't even look like a wedding photo. It's almost voyeuristic because we're looking through the (dirty) window. Still very unique and pretty ... although AGAIN with him holding those flowers!

I LOVE these old-fashioned photographs. Tinted just enough to make it old-time-y without turning it into sephia-toned caricatures. So pretty!

The old bus and her umbrella. Perfect. I love the color of her skirt but not her jeojori (저고리, the top part of the outfit).

He looks too cute with his glasses on. I only knew Jung Tae-Woo from the drama "Mom's Grown Horns," (엄마가 뿔났다), and his character irritated me. I like him a lot better after seeing this photoshoot.

Isn't his fiancee absolutely stunning? The colors of this hanbok (한복, traditional Korean clothing) really make her look like she's glowing. Or perhaps she's secretly pregnant.

He looks oddly short in a disproportionate way (even taking into consideration the half-sitting, half-standing pose), but the clothes are perfection. The red and green combination she's wearing is traditional for a Korean wedding. I have to say, I don't enjoy her shoes. She should have just worn gomusin (고무신, Korean shoes worn with hanbok that are made of rubber).

Don't know why she's hiking up her skirt, but I love the weathered house and the framing of the photo. They're adorable.

I still love the color of her skirt. Beautiful. And brown suits can be so unflattering, but he's rocking it. I think three-piece suits can look overly fussy, especially with a bow tie, but his entire look (Koreans would say "his concept") is spot on, including that suitcase.

This is more of what I think of when "Korean celebrity gets married" crosses my mind. They managed to put a twist on it with her clothes (a modern hanbok) and their pose (they're not really posing in that prom style, standing while turned towards each other and holding hands demurely).

I have no idea why they would choose to leave the giant black TV in the frame, but whatever. Her hanbok would have been much nicer in a color (she looks so good in color! The purple hanbok, the red-and-green hanbok?). I think the sheer white jeogori makes her look like she forgot to put on the real jeogori.

It's definitely the most "wedding" of all the photos, and still a nicer attempt than what other people put out there.

Makes me wish I was a wedding planner. No, I don't want to get married. I'd rather work for the people organizing weddings (in this case, Meriel- website in Korean only).

Instead, I'm looking at guinea pigs, hamsters, and mice-- with a scattering of dogs here and there.



william May 6, 2009 at 5:36 PM  

i love the way koreans do wedding photos. i saw all those andy-solbi, marco-dambi, crown j-inyoung, hwang bo-hyunjoong photo sessions for their fake weddings on 'we got married' and i want my nonwedding photos to be exactly like those.

the pics you posted are gorge. i love the modern hanbok; don't mind its subdued colors. and brown is my favorite color to wear.

now if only i can find a photogenic photo partner...

jeanny May 7, 2009 at 12:07 PM  

Some of the "We Got Married" photos were great and some of them were meh. And they were all stereotypical, though pretty.

I would LOVE my wedding pictures to look like these! And I always thought I would get married in a hanbok. Even if the guy's not Korean.

Everyone is photogenic. The magic of Photoshop!