Saturday, June 27, 2015

야식 (Late Night Dining)

There's a word in Korean that means "late-night dining," which is 야식 (ya-shik or ya-sheek). I think this is just one more point to show how much Koreans love food!

The photo above shows the 24 hour boon-shik (flour-based food) restaurant that's on the first floor of our building.
And this is what they serve (or part of what they serve, anyway- they also have dumplings (mandu) and some noodles and things). On the left is deep-fried goodness, called "twigim" (튀김) in Korean, and on the right is "tteokbokki" (떡볶이), which is rice cakes in spicy red sauce. Their tteokbokki is not that good, but at 1 a.m., it's all delicious!

We had this last night and I'm all bloated from having too much salt now. The price we pay for deliciousness!