Thursday, December 12, 2013


Wow, has it been a long time since I posted!

Korean winters have always kicked my butt, but this winter is particularly cold- it was apparently -8.9 degrees Celsius this morning (Korean link). That's 16 degrees Fahrenheit. O__O I went out with only two layers on over the past weekend, and I'm getting my punishment- a cruel cold (flu?) that came with a fever, swollen lymph nodes, a throat so scratchy and painful that I want to pull it out of myself, and the inability to breathe. Fun, huh?

I miss my family constantly, but even more so during the holidays. It's starting to feel all kinds of Christmassy, with a huge downpour of snow yesterday (snow! snow! snow!), so I'm really missing the fam.

Anyway, what I really wanted to share was some work by Jee Young Lee (이지영):

Two of my favorites, but there are a lot more to see here (English) and here (Korean). And she doesn't use Photoshop! That blew my mind- things are so easy to fix in post now (post-production, for you non-film people) that I feel like we've become lazy photographers and lazy filmmakers. I know that I have. I don't concern myself much with lighting or shadows because I know those things can be addressed later. Terrible.

So I'll try to post more, since I've been seeing lots of Korean-style Christmassy things (some of which are hilarious) and am going to spend my first holiday season in this country (scary).

The cold / flu is getting gradually better, so crossing my fingers on that...