Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, 아빠!

I'm behind on blogging! There have been a lot of developments, which is why ... not a good excuse, but an excuse all the same. Ah, well.

My father's birthday is the 18th (yes, after my mother's birthday on the 5th and my sister's upcoming birthday on the 23rd, which makes me the only person in my nuclear family with a birthday outside of September), which happens to be the first day of the Chuseok holiday here in Korea. 

Chuseok is pretty much Korean Thanksgiving, and this year, it very fortuitously falls on Thursday, which means that including the weekend, it's a lovely five-day weekend! Hooray!

Anyway. In celebration of Dad's birthday, two of his favorite things- pork and soju:

I miss my family! Hopefully, I get to go to LA in the winter ... we'll see. For now, happy birthday, 아빠!