Monday, August 13, 2012

Let's Go to Sokcho

Sorry about the silence on the blog, it's been a difficult couple of weeks.

This past weekend, though, a few of us managed to escape for a couple days of fun.

The preparation for said fun was not without its trials- people that were supposed to come along pulled out at the last moment, we had a little scuffle about where to stay, and we had a little worry about the weather (rain when going to the beach is not a good thing).

In the end, seven of us took one big car (a Kia Carnival), a large whale-shaped floaty, several types of kimchi, an underwater camera kit, a whole bunch of shouty Korean songs, and trekked off to Sokcho, on the east coast of Korea.

A more detailed post will follow (hopefully), but here's the floaty and a shot from the underwater cam:

Of course, after a weekend of fun, the work week cannot begin softly and easily. It's been a bear of a day, and I've got several more hours of work ahead of me at 7 p.m. Memories of the weekend will have to sustain me.

Good news that my mother told me when we talked today- it's a holiday in Korea on Wednesday, hooray! My sense of holidays and days off is totally skewed in Korea because I've only ever worried about American holidays. Korea celebrates Liberation Day on August 15, when Korea was liberated from Japan in 1945. I'm not even going to get into the politics of the holiday, it'll be an endless blog entry.

Oh, I go to Thailand next week for work, so .... probably more silence on the blogging front. To all three of you people reading, sorry!


JLR August 20, 2012 at 6:54 PM  

I'm jealous! When I visited Korea, I wanted to go to Sokcho--my friend's hometown. But we didn't have time to make it that way. I'm so glad you posted pictures, so I can kind of feel like I was there. :)