Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bits and Bobs

It's been an exhausting week. And it's only Wednesday!


- Got my hair cut yesterday (for the first time since I've been in Korea) because I was looking like a bedraggled mop. The guy sitting next to me in the salon was getting a perm. He was in the salon for hours, I think, and left at one point while I was there so he could smoke a cigarette. He went outside in a burgundy gown with colorful pastel rollers all over his head. I love Koreans.

(My hair is quite short now. I wish I could have longer, more feminine hair, but I neither have the face nor enough hair to pull off anything but quite short cuts.)

- I got three moles removed today. It was shockingly fast and yet I wasn't frazzled much. I went with a co-worker, we just waltzed out of work in the afternoon, walked to the skincare clinic, then filled out forms with very basic information (name, birthdate, phone number), got our moles zapped, then went back to work after a quick stop at Coffee Bean.

We were sitting, having coffee and chatting in the lobby of the skincare clinic (which are very numerous in Korea), when a girl came by with a topical anesthesia. She dolloped some on our moles, covered the cream with bits of tape, then told us we had to wait about 20 minutes.

My co-worker went first and came back out in less than five minutes. He said it didn't hurt, it was like someome rubbed his skin. I went in for probably ten minutes, came out with three less moles and some sort of cream that's supposed to aid in the healing.

We have to go back in two months, which I managed to shorten to six weeks (I'll be in the States in two months).

It cost me 30,000 won per mole because mine are (were?) quite large and deep-rooted. Including the healing cream, I paid a total of 105,000 won (less than a hundred dollars), which includes the follow-up visit. Totally cheap but the clinic was spotless, the service was great, and the dermatologist was very kind.

Bad news, I have these bits of tape or bandages covering my ex-moles and I can't wet them for at least two days. How am I supposed to thoroughly wash my face??

One of the moles I had removed was just under my eye, which is very delicate skin. That one aches a bit, but I think the bandage is tugging the skin. There is no real pain, though I bet I'll have some nasty scabs.

Work has been quite busy, and I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping. I find that I'm distracted and listless without sleep, so I have a feeling that blogging will be quite awful until my sleep schedule's back on track.

I also still don't know where my next job is, and that is making me antsy and irritable. For the sake of NOT venting anger all over my blog, I'll refrain from talking about that whole ball of wax.

Good night. I really, really hope it's a good night of sleep!


william,  October 15, 2011 at 5:12 AM  

the boyfriend is thinking of getting some moles zapped. he has a lot of moles. i personally wouldn't do it because i'm chinese and (this could be wrong) we believe that the placement of moles on ones face signifies future fortunes/misfortunes.

i remember seeing some book my dad had that had a diagram of a face with moles on it and what this mole or that mole was indicative of. so i'm cautious of removing moles off my face cuz i don't want to zap my luck away.

that being said, i am all for others zapping moles away. it's so cheap and easy (in korea). i should go to a skincare clinic to see if they can shrink the pores on my oily oily face. but i'm afraid they'll laugh at me :(

jeanny October 17, 2011 at 7:54 AM  

I think Koreans had that thing once upon a time, about moles meaning different things, but my people let it all go for the sake of vanity. Sigh.

I wonder what my moles meant?? Crap, hope I didn't zap away all that money I'm supposed to make in my thirties!

You should totally go to a clinic! They didn't comment on the condition of my skin at all, they just addressed my moles and I was on my merry way.