Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random Things

Life is tripping along, as it does. I've been working more hours than usual, but it's a good thing- I feel like I'm getting things done, and I feel useful. Because of the hours I work, though, I haven't been doing a thing once I get home. Hence my lazy post today. At least there are pictures?

This is the view from work. We're on the eighth floor in an area of office buildings, all very tall (as you can see). There are wee parks all over the place and tons of coffee shops. From this view, Western Dom would be just to the right, beyond the buildings. The weather's been fickle lately, sunny and clear in the mornings and then cloudy and sprinkling in the afternoons, but I managed to get this picture when the sun was still out.
The ingenuous way that Koreans transport large items to tall buildings. People move this way, too, their luggage going out the big veranda windows that most apartments have. I rather love this- it's so much more practical than people with dollies running in and out of elevators, as they do in the States.
I went on a skincare spree because I've finally run out of some of the things that I brought with me. From the photo above, I only bought nine items. There are at least seventeen bits and bobs! Korean beauty shops, especially road shops, are all about samples and "service" items (free gifts). I should probably review some of this stuff (I really like the Innisfree toner and scrub, supposedly made with something or other from a volcano in Jeju Island).
My hair grows pretty fast, which means it's already grown out into a shaggy bob (rather than a short pixie cut), which means that my cowlicks are back. I have rather severe cowlicks (inherited from my father) and somewhat wavy hair (inherited from my mother). I keep both of those traits in check by keeping my hair short or tying it back, but it's at that in-between stage where I can't do anything with it. So I whipped out my straight iron, intending to tame the worst of it ... but then I plugged it in and smelled smoke a couple minutes later.
Yup. Destroyed my straight iron. I threw it out and gave up. I suppose I should go get a straight iron here and give it to someone when I leave. I probably will, when my hair grows out even more and I can't take it anymore. For now, I don't care enough to do anything about my hair.
What would a random blog post be without a secret subway photo? This guy was just epic- mushroom hair cut, drop-crotch pants, and shower slippers? How could I not take his picture? I think this was on the subway when I went to do my whole alien registration thing. I don't even remember anymore, all my subway jaunts are a blur.

Hopefully, the weather holds up this weekend so I can go check out some camera lenses in Seoul (my cameras have been feeling very neglected lately because I haven't used them at all since I've been in Korea). I do want to take some pictures of Ilsan while I'm here- I'll be the weird Korean with the giant DSLR camera, snapping random photos.

Quite a few things are happening at work lately, but I'm hoping that I still find the time to blog. I want to retain a record of what I did and what I said while I was in Korea.

That's all the randomness I can think of- for now, at least!

(By the way, this is my 497th post on this blog. It's insane to think that I'll be at 500 soon!)