Monday, November 01, 2010


I've been rather reluctant to call Albuquerque "home." It doesn't really feel like home. I don't know shortcuts (not that anyone needs shortcuts in this town), I don't have favorite restaurants or bars, I don't know all that many people here.

It doesn't feel like home, is what I'm saying. When I say "home," I'm talking about LA. I still do that- "oh, the best place to get a drink at home? What kind of drink?" or "I can't wait to go home for Christmas" or "I wish I could go home for Thanksgiving."

Though I dearly treasure my co-workers (some more than others), they haven't really felt like friends that I could be silly with, that I could do nutty things with. This is mostly due to the fact that I am completely different from them- most of them are boys, I'm a girl. All of them are artists, I'm in production. It's like the universe's way of segregating us, and we keep to our caste lines quite subconsciously, without thinking about it.

This past weekend was a turning point in how comfortable I feel with my co-workers (some of them), as Halloween brings out the best, the worst, and the silliest in people. A group of us (the younger (kind of) single ones) met up at one guy's house, since he lives in walking distance of all the downtown bars and such.

The assembled characters:
- the Devil (me, in a black three-piece suit, red blouse, and devil horns)
- Burt Reynolds (not really, he was a cop from some Beastie Boys video, but I called him Burt Reynolds because of the awesome 'stache)
- Kato (without the Green Hornet)
- Marty McFly from "Back to the Future" (I thought he was a lumberjack because I don't instantly get 80's references)
- a ladybug (the only other girl that started the night with us, in a rather typical girl costume)
- the Canadian flag (I am not even kidding, I painted his head, which he had shaved into a mohawk)
- Zorro (halfhearted, with hat and mustache but regular clothes otherwise)
- photographer (normal clothes but had a giant DSLR)
- a few people that didn't dress up at all (okay, so I barely dressed up, but still, at least I had the horns).

Hilarity definitely ensued, along with hijinks and excessive shouting. I wish I had taken pictures, but the guy dressed up as Photographer had an enormous DSLR, so I didn't feel the need to try to commemorate the night.

I really felt comfortable, for the first time in Albuquerque, with a group of people. They felt like friends (most of them) and I was happy to be with them. It didn't feel like a chore. For as much as I go out, I usually find it tiring and a bit like work- I have to project fun! confidence! interest! and it can be exhausting. It wasn't like that, this fine Hallowe'en. I just ... let myself be silly, ran about downtown with all the other celebrators, and ended the night in someone's kitchen, cooking while we all made fun of each other.

Maybe I do like this town after all. I didn't know it would ever happen, but I think the first couple chinks in my armor have become decidedly large cracks. We'll see what happens and who manages to get in through my (generally) walled-up self.

On a completely different note, my sister is coming! I'm so excited. She'll be here in December, a few days before I go back home for the holidays. I'll show her around Albuquerque, then we'll get in my car and drive home.

After a couple weeks at home, gorging myself on my mother's (excellent) Christmas and New Year's feasts, we'll drive back to Albuquerque and she'll fly back to LA. It's going to be great! Cold, but great. Hooray!