Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Random things:

● I cannot stop thinking about last week's "Project Runway," when Michael Costello lost what was left of his mind on TV. Seriously, it's just a TV show. There is a time and a place for histrionics, generally involving death or severe illness. NOT because of a TV show.

● I am a stupid person, because while I am currently paying an obscenely tiny amount of money for rent, I went to go look at a (brand! new!) loft right near work today. I was just curious. Or that was my excuse. I saw two places, both of them the same size as my current apartment but about 55% more expensive. Yes, 55%, yet still only 1/3 of the price of my apartment in LA was (back when I lived alone). Weighing the pros and cons ... the new loft is literally a block and a half from work, which I LOVE. But it's also in downtown. Above a bar. Do I want to live over a bar, soundproofed loft or no? (One of my co-workers thinks it would be like I started living in a sitcom.) Hmm. It has an awesome gym, but also has a tanning room, which slightly creeps me out- why do condos need a tanning room? What to do, what to do?

● Albuquerque is FREEZING. I get up in the morning (not early, I am not a morning person) and it's below 40 degrees. Hovering around freezing. I hate turning on the heater because it's even drier now in the cold than it was during the heat of the summer (when we at least had pretty frequent monsoons). A co-worker told me that he wakes up with nosebleeds, it's so dry and cold. Gross.

● I made kimchi jjigae on Sunday night with the (horror of horrors) LAST of my kimchi. Yes, the kimchi that my mother brought me (three large jars) when she and my father were last here, a couple months ago. Yes, that is some old kimchi. But old and delicious kimchi is still delicious kimchi. It had become so overripe that I had to make jjigae. It's really a very delicious jjigae, but I'm very, very sad that my kimchi will be completely gone when I'm done eating this jjigae. Sigh.

● There is a co-worker of mine who says "truth" a lot, in a dry, sarcastic way, and for some reason, it cracks me up every time. "That was not really a very good sandwich." "TRUTH." "This bar has a lot of weirdos in it." "TRUTH."

● I am dreaming about where I want to move after this movie is over. London sounds so lovely, and I really love that city. I hear Vancouver is beautiful and a wonderful place to live. I'd like to see Sydney, and if it was just for a year, I could tolerate the summer ... I think. Singapore probably has weather that I'd hate, but it sounds fun. Korea, of course, is always on the list. I want to live there for at least a little while sometime in my life. For some reason, LA's not really on the list. I'm excited about where life will take me.

Back to work I go.