Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mad Ads

Over a year ago, I wrote a post about the way I perceive gender roles. This still holds true. I am still sexist, and I still don't agree completely with the Korean way of thinking or with the American way of thinking.

That having been said, I found these blatantly piggish and inappropriate advertisements to be hilarious:

Because when I get married, all I'll want for Christmas are kitchen supplies! A new toaster? Honey, how did you know? And I'll manipulate my husband by crying if he doesn't get me an electric beater.
This one, in my opinion, is even worse. First of all, the Dormeyer ad looked like it was from the 50's. This one is from the 60's, 70's, or maybe even the 80's, going off what the "modern" couple looks like. I don't even get a choice- my perfect husband is, apparently, going to get me a stand mixer so that I can take my perfectly manicured self to the kitchen and cook for him.
Appalling, unintentionally hysterical. First of all, do husbands really care about how fresh their coffee is? Especially back in the days of black and white print ads? And second of all, I would not and will not look that put together whilst doing my housewifely duties.

No thanks, I'd rather not bet my sweet Telex operator that the monstrosity sitting there is a computer. It looks like a giant caveman word processor, and she looks like a go-go dancer that switched from her acrylic-heeled go-go boots to sensible office shoes just before her shift started.
Blatantly wrong. She's doing meth just to get herself through all her chores, but she decided to call it "Pep" vitamins.
Actually ... it is. Why would you kill someone over a postage meter? Were men really that impatient?
Ew. I don't quite know why this would ever work. The smoke ... smells ... delicious? Gross.
Actually, Sue Ellen, women can open most jars and bottles! They only fake it when they want to appear delicate and ladylike, the total opposite of that Rosie the Riveter gal. Matching the lipstick to the ketchup was a nice touch.
Even doctors were foolish back in the day. There was a scene in "Mad Men" pretty recently of Joan at her gynecologist's office. The doctor concludes his exam and then picks up a cigarette. Smoking, in front of a woman that is trying to get pregnant. Oh, the 60's!
Maybe this is why we have baby teeth. So they can rot out of our heads because we drink carbonated, artificially sweetened beverages before eating solid food.
The fact that babies were a selling point for two brands of soda? Completely ridiculous. I do enjoy that this advertisement has "The Soda Pop Board of America" on it. It sounds like a fake company with a fun name. People should say "soda pop" more often.
Oh, Santa! Another "Mad Men" reference- in the first or second episode this season, Roger Sterling dressed up as Santa at the company Christmas party and gave out beribboned cartons of Lucky Strike.

Obviously, all these ads made me think immediately of "Mad Men." Similar era, same business, same eerily inappropriate yet somehow still charmingly kitschy and retro charm. The show's been kicking things into a rather crazy place, what with rampant alcoholism, nasty divorces, and secretive office affairs. I actually find that the more realistic portrayal (as opposed to the saccharine-sweet type that's more common) makes the show fascinating and intriguing.

I wonder what the kids that aren't yet born will think of our ads? Our movies? Our point of view? They'll mock us, for sure, but I'm curious to find out what the mockery will be for.

At least, for now, I'm happy to be the generation in disbelief over our predecessors.