Saturday, October 09, 2010

John Lennon's 70th

I love the Beatles.

(In all honesty, my favorite Beatle is George.)

I was introduced to the Beatles by my father. The first album I ever listened to was "Please Please Me," full of frothy, early-Beatles pop songs. People can say what they will, I still know the words to every single song and love them all.

Because of the way I was introduced to the band, I have a special place in my cold, dark little heart for the mushroom-hair-cuts, sharp little 60's suits, and skinny ties that the Beatles sported in their early career. I love the bubble-gum pop, the cheesy lyrics, and even the funny little dance moves they had. The more experimental music and shaggy hair are also great, but don't remind me of being nine years old. Nostalgia usually wins, in my book.

I think a lot of people are celebrating and mourning today, because had he survived, John Lennon would have turned 70 today.

I don't know where he would have done in life, but I do know that he died too early. So wherever he is, happy birthday!

(The Lennon of my childhood.)